Kundan & Meenakari

Kundan is the traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery usually for elaborate necklaces. Its making includes highly defined gold and pure form of molten gold. The roots of this jewellery are believed to be in the royal courts of Gujarat & Rajasthan. That is the reason it is also referred to as Royal Indian or Mughal Jewellery. In addition to these names, Kundan is known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri Jewellery in popular culture. Indian city of Jaipur is considered as the centre of Kundan jewellery in India.

The variation of this form of craftsmanship can be found in Meena jewellery, where enamelling with various colours and designs is on the back side – while fine kundan setting embraces the front side.

Meenakari is the jewellery form of colouring and ornamenting on a metal surface. The Persian art of colouring was accepted by Russians, Greeks, Chinese, Indians and others. Craftsmen from different countries gave their own individualistic and artistic touch to create masterpieces, that are a treat to the eye.