Necklaces v/s Pendants : What’s The Difference?

Types of Necklaces

A necklace is a standalone piece that largely consists of a metal chain in any metal such as gold, silver, platinum. It can be studded with diamonds and precious/semi-precious gemstones. Necklaces come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Some of them are very simple and sober, while others are very well detailed with delicate workmanship.

  • Chains

A chain is a type of necklace that looks like a cable in its design and can consist of any type of metal. Chains come in various types of shapes and their weight and metal determine their pricing. These are single pieces, which give a simple yet enticing look.

  • Chokers

Chokers are close-fitting necklaces designed to stay above your collarbones, falling along the base of the neck. Some chokers leave a breathing room, while others can be firmly wrapped around the neck. Wear the one that can be worn comfortably, uplifting your style statement.

Types of Pendants

A pendant is a piece of ornament jewellery that is attached to a chain or thread. Even though the most common style is only one pendant per chain, yet any single chain can feature multiple small pendants (also with proper stringing of beads if not through a metal chain). Pendant jewellery in India comes in different shapes, sizes, colours, and forms; such as Diamond Pendants, Holdalis (gemstones studded on jade stones in Kundan), and lockets.

  • Diamond Pendants

Diamonds and polkis (uncut diamonds) often feature in pendants. They come in different sizes, clarity, colours and dimensions. The 4C’s of a diamond (Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) ascertain its actual price. Diamonds are an emblem spiritual power, purity and perfection. They are also considered as the stones of faithfulness, commitment, and promise between couples.

  • Holdali Pendants

The use of gemstones in Holdalis really escalates up every chain and ensures an aspect of uniqueness for the wearer. Navratna gemstones add a classy element to Holdali pendants. They can be worn using a thread around the neck too. That is possible through a horizontal zone at the top of the Holdali’s or setup of a metal kunda at the top of the Holdali.

  • Lockets

This type of pendant allows the wearer to store a small item such as a picture within it. As they are usually worn on a longer chain, you’ll always have your special locket close to your heart. It’s mostly presented on special occasions or ceremonies such as Valentines Day, weddings and anniversaries.

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